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 Bingo Rules

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PostSubject: Bingo Rules   Bingo Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 11:00 am

Bingo Rules

Each Bingo will start with a Sign up sheet posted on gen board if you want to play then you need to post your name on the list.
We will make you your own thread in this Bingo Area
Then you will find a thread there that says BINGO Cards.
What you will do is pick the Card you want its first come first serve so look at the list and if some one has alread picked the card you want you will need to pick another.
Once you have picked your card and posted what one your taking on the list posted under the Cards for the GAME
Copy and paste your Card into your own thread.
We will start the game when everyone has picked there Cards and has them posted.
Each day 4 numbers will be picked and when the numbers are on your card you will change the COLOR of the number to something other than Black.
No Changeing the numbers on your cards we will check to make sure when you BINGO none has been changed.

We will Announce what game we will play at the beginning of the bingo.
Theres several different games
Straight line Vertical and Horizontal
4 corners
Lg Square
Sm Square
The first person to get the Bingo will post BINGO and Bingo Card on the Main thread to be checked by the manager.
You will win 10,000 bucks if you BINGO
Each day when numbers are posted so you will need to copy them to your thread by Editing your Card and posting them below it.
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Bingo Rules
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